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Welcome To The Five Spot Cafe

If you are an aficionado of Jazz, especially the Jazz that reigned in the 50's and 60's in New York City you have undoubtedly heard of, or visited The Five Spot Café on 3rd Avenue and St. Marks Place in Manhattan's East Village. My father, Joe Termini and his brother, Iggy, owned and operated The Five Spot during those heydays and created a haven for such musical giants as Theonious Monk, Sonny Rollins, Charlie Parker, Ornette Coleman, and Charles Mingus.

What you may not know is that The Five Spot Café was also the gathering place for many of the most important artists of the Abstract Expressionist Era. DeKooning, Pollock, Franz Klein, Paul Jenkins, and Mark Rothko were regular patrons. Legend has it that on more than one occasion my father would accept a piece of their art in payment for their bar tab. As a result our family has a treasure trove of pieces by these geniuses and we now feel it is time to offer select pieces of this collection for sale.

We invite you to visit our gallery or If you are interested in learning more about this collection as well as some other interesting artifacts collected at The Five Spot over the years please email us at info@5spotartifacts.com.

The Five Spot. St. Marks Place

Joe and Iggy tending the bar way back in the day

Personal Rosters and Cabaret numbers kept from 1956 to 1967

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